Belly Button Piercing Cost - In 2023 - The Pricer (2023)

In the Philippines, there is such a term as “tiis-ganda” which actually means to withstand any type of discomfort for the sake of charm. If there might be more completely ideal for this catchphrase, well, aside from a whiteheads/blackheads elimination and the micro-needling, it would be none other than the body piercing.

Body piercing has actually been known to have existed since very long ago. Just like tattoos, it has its share of bad undertones from the past. It was even deemed a moderate type of disobedience. A lot of parents would discourage their kids to go out with kids that have piercings all over their faces and bodies.

While the trend appeared to vanish into oblivion at one point, it has come back in newfound popularity and has actually been among the main types of self-expression and accessorizing one’s body particularly by younger adults.

And if you are among those that want to sit through the pain in the name of looking good and making a clear statement, then it is time to find out the cost to get your bellybutton pierced.

Typical Cost of Belly Button Piercing

Depending upon a lot of different factors like the piercer you opt for, the regional location, and the aftercare to name just a few, the typical belly button piercing expense varieties between $30 to $100 and will also greatly differ on whether the piercer enables you to bring your own fashion jewelry or not, in which case, the typical price would be around $40 without the fashion jewelry with a price range of around $20 to $75.

What should be included

Generally, belly button piercing or any other kind of body piercing should include the piercing procedure itself, the possibility to choose the jewelry from metals like titanium and medical-grade steel; and some aftercare guidelines. Some salons will even include unrestricted and free consultations prior to and after being pierced.

Extra Expenses

As already noted, the piercing will include the jewelry of your choice, however, it can be restricted to the particular types that are within the cost range you went for. Choosing the costlier jewelry like those with natural gems or those made from rare earth elements, in the event that the piercing salon does have those, would involve extra expenses and the piercing rate would exceed the $100 mark.

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Likewise, included in the budget is usually a 10% to 20% tip for the piercer especially when they are not the owner of the salon.

You should also read our articles about the cost of nose piercing, body piercing, and elf ears surgery.

Depending upon the store and the type of procedure, the final price could also include the aftercare.

Shopping Around For Belly Button Piercing

The very first step into getting the ideal piercer is to search for recommendations. It would be a lot safer for you to get a piercing from an extremely well-reviewed artist. Nevertheless, even if they have the best reviews, make sure to check out their shops or salons to make sure they are clean and sterile.

It is also crucial to figure out if they are certified and accredited. How could you find out about this? Well, it shouldn’t hurt to ask. However, if it would make you feel uncomfortable to open this topic, go to the Association of Professional Piercers and look for a specific piercer through APP’s locator.

One suggestion, however, is to stay away from piercing stores or beauty salons that make use of piercing tools, till you find one which is reputable and with great reviews. Not only can these tools tear the skin in a very unpleasant way, making the skin jagged, but they can also lead to infection due to the fact that piercing tools can not be sanitized.

Prior to accepting a consultation with the piercer, it is very important to ask anything you might want to learn about the piercing as any info may make you change your mind. This will make you have a clear idea of the procedure and whether it is something you want to go through so you don’t waste your or your piercer’s time.

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Should You Do it Yourself?

Body piercing might be a really complicated task, however, it does not mean it can not be done by yourself. You only need to have to be very strict about hygiene, you should be able to endure discomfort, and not queasy with needles. There are some online tutorials and guides on this, with information about the piercing itself and the aftercare. If you’re unsure of your skills as a piercer, you should go to a professional, rather than risk damage or an infection.

There are belly button piercing packages offered online that have a great number of sales from people that want to try piercing on themselves. A few of them might not be complete after all, however, you just need to make sure that the following are included and you are all set:

  • Sterilized needle, 14 or 16 gauge
  • Needle holder
  • Needle receiving cork
  • Navel forceps
  • Piercing barbells

Other products you may require are the cleaning substance, sterilized gloves, and cotton balls which might not always be included in the set but can be readily available at your house or bought at any store.

Elements Affecting the Belly Button Piercing Cost

Belly Button Piercing Cost - In 2023 - The Pricer (1)When talking about body piercing, you can have a lot of choices not only for the cost but at the same time with the way you wish to be dealt with to make sure you are safe from infections. However, when talking about the prices, the factors affecting the expense to get your bellybutton pierced are:

Geographical Location – if you are currently living in wealthy cities and states, it is possible that the cost of products and services would be higher when compared to other places due to the high cost of living. However, if the piercing store is situated in a location where there are many artists of the same type and the competition is strong, then you can assume that the cost will be rather affordable.

The piercing store – you will probably find out that a huge part of belly button piercing costs depending upon what store the piercing was done in. Brand, cost of living, and general demand play a big role in the final price.

The piercer – certified experts with years of experience under their belt would usually charge a lot more than those who are not. However, this price increase comes with a guarantee of better quality and hygiene.

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Type of piercing jewelry – the cost of the jewelry that comes with the piercing will greatly affect the expense specifically if the store would only let you make use of the ones they provide due to hygiene and safety concerns. Also, if you opted for a different type that has somewhat a greater cost than the ones included in the price quote, then be ready to pay the difference.

Hygiene Guidelines after Belly Button Piercing

The following aftercare guidelines are taken from the Association of Professional Piercers:

  • Be sure to clean your hands thoroughly before you start to touch your piercing
  • Saline rinse as needed throughout the recovery duration. If your piercer advises you to use a specific soap, carefully soap around the piercing and rinse. Do not utilize routine soaps that might be too strong particularly when they have dyes or strong fragrances.
  • Wash the part when needed in order to get rid of any cleaning solution residue.
  • Moving or turning the jewelry throughout cleaning or rinsing is not required.
  • When drying the pierced location, make use of clean, non-reusable paper towels as fabric towels might be the main source of germs and might also snag on the jewelry, leading to undesired injuries.
  • Try to avoid over-cleaning.
  • Try to avoid excessive injury such as friction from clothes.
  • Avoid playing or trying to move the jewelry to prevent flesh sticking.
  • Avoid too much caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.
  • Avoid submerging the piercing in unclean bodies of water such as swimming pools, jacuzzis, lakes, and so on. If it can not be prevented, protect it utilizing a waterproof-sealant plaster.
  • Avoid any cosmetics, creams, and sprays.
  • Avoid hanging any charms or items from your jewelry till it completely heals.
  • In addition, they recommend to avoid the following products on your piercing:
  1. Alcohol
  2. Hydrogen peroxide
  3. Soaps consisting of triclosan, iodine, or any harsh products
  4. Ointments
  5. Bactine ®.
  6. Products consisting of Benzalkonium Chloride.
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How much does a belly button piercing usually cost? ›

On average, however, you can expect a belly button piercing to run between $30 and $75. Of course, this price tends to include a very basic jewelry option (if it's included at all). If you decide you want to get a better or different piece of jewelry, you're most likely going to have to pay more.

What is the best month to get a belly button piercing? ›

In the springtime, you might be tempted to get your navel pierced because summer is coming, and you know it will look super cute with your new swimsuit. However, it's best to get your belly pierced in the fall. That way, you can have plenty of time to heal before you reveal your piercing over the summer.

How much does belly piercing hurt? ›

The actual pain of getting your navel pierced is somewhere on the 2-4 scale out of 10. The belly button piercing healing process is a good solid three months (and can even be up to eight). Salt water washes and gentle cleaning in the shower are the best methods for accelerating the belly ring healing process.

Can a 13 year old get a belly button piercing? ›

Bellybutton (Navel)

For ages 13 and up. Bellybutton or Navel piercings are the first in what we like to call a big kid piercing. These piercings take even more care than a cartilage piercing with longer heal times but are a must have for the trendy teen.

How much is a belly button piercing in 2022? ›

Belly button piercings typically cost $25-$70, depending on whether the piercer includes the price of the jewelry in the total cost advertised.

What is a belly button piercing called? ›

A navel piercing (also referred to as a belly button piercing) is a type of piercing located through the skin of the navel.

What type of belly button Cannot be pierced? ›

With this in mind, there isn't a certain belly button type that can or can't have a piercing. As long as you have skin above your belly button (and we're pretty sure you do), an experienced piercer should be able to pierce the belly button.

How long does belly piercing take to heal? ›

Belly Button Piercing Aftercare. Unlike pierced ears, which take 4-6 weeks to heal, your belly button may not fully heal for up to 1 year. You'll go home with tips on how to keep your new piercing clean and prevent infection.

Can I change my belly ring after 3 weeks? ›

The safest option is to wait until the wound has healed completely, which can take nine months to one year. It takes longer than other body piercings because of the constant movement of the jewelry. Your core is always moving, so the belly button jewelry also moves and irritates the new piercing.

Do belly piercings bleed? ›

Expect a tiny bit of bleeding, swelling, or redness immediately after the piercing—that's completely normal and should subside quickly.

How long after belly piercing can you swim? ›

You should avoid swimming for at least 24 hours after having a piercing, and ideally until it has healed properly. While it's still healing, it's important to keep the piercing dry as there's a risk of infection.

Which piercings hurt the most? ›

Which Piercings Hurt the Most (or Least)!
  • Helix. ...
  • Dermal Anchor. ...
  • Stretching. ...
  • Rook. ...
  • Conch. ...
  • Industrial. ...
  • Septum. ...
  • Nipple. Understandably, nipple piercings are one of the more painful piercings, due to it being more of a sensitive area.
Jan 18, 2016

Do belly piercings hurt? ›

Belly button piercings are considered the second least painful piercings after ear piercings. That's because the thick tissue left behind from when your umbilical cord was removed is flesh and not very nerve dense.

Can you take baths with a new belly button piercing? ›

Avoid baths, hot tubs, swimming pools, saunas, lakes, etc. for the first three weeks after being pierced as they contain bacteria which can increase the risk of infection.

Do belly button piercings hurt? ›

Does a belly piercing hurt? Your belly piercing procedure will cause some slight pain like any other piercing, but because the skin on your stomach is fleshy and soft, it will be less painful than other piercings with thicker cartilage.

Can I change my belly piercing after 1 month? ›

The safest option is to wait until the wound has healed completely, which can take nine months to one year. It takes longer than other body piercings because of the constant movement of the jewelry. Your core is always moving, so the belly button jewelry also moves and irritates the new piercing.

Can you get your belly pierced at Claire's? ›

The team at Claire's also has experienced piercing specialists who can safely work on the ears, nose, or belly button. That means Claire's has a terrific selection of earrings for piercings, but the store also carries necklaces, anklets, bracelets, rings, toe rings, and other jewelry items in a wide array of designs.

Do belly button piercings hurt more than nose? ›

Belly button piercings are pretty low on the pain scale. There are more nerves in your nose than the flesh around your belly button.

What belly buttons can't be pierced? ›

Unfortunately, if you have an outie belly button, you most likely won't be able to get it pierced. Some people believe that outie belly button piercings are the only "true" belly button piercings because they actually involve piercing the inner part of the navel.

How long do belly piercings take to heal? ›

Belly Button Piercing Aftercare. Unlike pierced ears, which take 4-6 weeks to heal, your belly button may not fully heal for up to 1 year. You'll go home with tips on how to keep your new piercing clean and prevent infection.


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