How to Become an Uber Eats Driver [Step-By-Step Guide] | (2022)

Making money with your time and vehicle in 2020 is no longer complicated.

In recent years, the gig economy has seen a massive increase in the amount of fast food delivery services for drivers.

Thankfully, Uber Eats has stepped in to offer drivers a way to earn by delivering on their platform.

Now you can make money by delivering food orders that people crave using the Uber Eats app—all while exploring yourcity.

Want to sign up to drive with Uber Eats?

Getting started is very simple, and the application process is streamlined for easy onboarding.

If you meet the requirements outlined below, give the service a try.

Here’s everything you need to know about the gig, the requirements, and how much money you can make doing it.

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What Is Uber Eats?

How to Become an Uber Eats Driver [Step-By-Step Guide] | (1)

Everyone knows Uber as a rideshareservice.

After all, they give more than five million rides every single day.

But that’s not all they do.

Recognizing that it already had a large network of drivers, Uber launched the Uber Eats service in 2014.

Today, their delivery partners are able to offer food delivery in dozens of cities across six continents.

Uber Eats allows customers to order meals from a variety of different local restaurants.

From fast food joints to nice restaurants, Uber Eats makes it possible for customers to have a meal delivered straight to their door.

Using the food delivery app is super easy.

All a customer has to do is browse the list of restaurants, choose the items they want from the in-app menu, and place an order.

From there, a delivery driver, using the Uber Eats platform, goes to pick the food up from the restaurant and delivers it to the customer.

All payment happens through the Uber Eats app (including tips), making the whole process far more convenient than traditional food delivery.

Similar to Uber, delivery drivers who use the Uber networkare independent contractors.

With Uber Eats, you make your own schedule.

You earn when you want and where you want.

It’s a flexible opportunity and a great way to make money in the gig economy.

But what does it take to deliver for Uber Eats?

Keep reading to find out.

What Does a Delivery Driver With Uber Eats Do?

Unlike driving withUber in a rideshare role, delivery drivers do two basic things: pick up food and take it to the customer’s home.

Depending on the city you are in, you’ll either have to walk the order to the customer’s front door or have them meet you at your car for curbside delivery.

How to Become an Uber Eats Driver [Step-By-Step Guide] | (2)

Delivery drivers with Uber Eatsnever have to handle or carry cash.

Customers pay via credit cardand all transactions take place online and through the app.

The only exception is tips. Customers sometimes tip in cash, but they also have the option to tip in the Uber Eats app.

In most cases, you need a vehicle to drive from the restaurant to the customer’s home or office.

Uber Eatsallows bike delivery and scooterdelivery in select cities — mostly in condensed urban areas.

And on occasion, some drivers even deliver on foot.

So what does a day in the life of a delivery driver with Uber Eatslook like?

It’s actually not that different from driving for the rideshareservice.

You log into the Uber driver app, wait for an order request to come in, and accept that order.

You drive to the restaurant, pick upthe food, and drive it to the customer’s location.

The amount you earn depends on the size of the order, the fees in your city, and the distance from the restaurant to the drop-offlocation.

In many cases, delivery drivers with Uber Eats also work for the regular Uber rideshare service too.

And more and more, we see drivers bouncing back and forth between the two services.

Think about it — if there’s no ride request at the moment, why not pick up someone’s dinner and make money that way instead?

How Much Money Do The Delivery Drivers With Uber Eats Make?

Okay — let’s get right down to it — the question that every potential driver contemplating delivering with Uberhas. How much moneycan I make?

Like any ridesharinggig, earnings vary from person to person.

Glassdoor reports that drivers typically earn $11 per hour.

But keep in mind, some are making less and some are making more, especially if they’re doing this full-time.

Another survey reports them making less than $7 per hour.

Getting paid delivering with Uber Eatsis similar to being a driver with Uberin that while you’re paid weekly, their Instant Payoption means you can get a payoutimmediately up to five times a day.

As a delivery driver with Uber Eats, there are several factorsthat contribute to your earnings.

Let’s take a look at some things that will affect your pay.

1. Pickup Fees

Every order incurs a pickup fee.

You earn a set rate for every restaurant you go to and every order that you pick up.

The exact fees vary from city to city, but in most cases, they’re under $5.

2. Delivery Fees

Delivery ordersare also subject to fees.

The exact fee varies depending on your region, and they’re calculated by the distance between the restaurant and the customer’s home.

The further away the restaurant is, the higher the delivery fee.

Uber Eatsused to charge a $4.99 flat fee for every delivery.

They changed this policyin 2018 to reflect the distance between the pickupand drop-offpoint.

3. Mileage

As with everything else, mileage feesvary from city to city.

You earn money for every mile accrued while driving.

The mileage fees also vary depending on whether you’re driving, riding a bike, riding a scooter, or walking.

4. Uber Eats Tips

Customers have the option to tip in cash or tip through the app.

Uber takes a 25% cut of every bill, but they don’t touch any of your tips.

Drivers get to keep 100% of tips, no matter what.

5. Boost Prices

Like surge pricingfor drivers with Uber, the drivers that deliver with Uber Eats are also paid an increased wage during high-demandtimes.

For Uber Eats, this is called “Boost.”

Again, fees vary depending upon the city and the time of day.

Regardless of the increased wage, Uber takes a 25% cut.

How To Become A Driver With Uber Eats

How to Become an Uber Eats Driver [Step-By-Step Guide] | (3)

The first step before you can drive with Uber Eats is to determine if the food delivery service is available in your city.

You also need to make sure you can meet both the driver requirements and the vehicle requirements.

(Keep reading for more details on those.)

Driver Requirements to Deliver With Uber Eats

You don’t need a college degree or a special skill set to drive with Uber Eats — but you do have to meet the driver requirements.

Driver Requirements Overview:

  • You must be 19 years or older (18 if delivering by bike or foot)
  • You must have at least 1 year of driving experience
  • You must have a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and up-to-date vehicle registration
  • You must be able to carry at least 30 pounds
  • You must pass the Uber Eats background check

To qualify as a driver, you must be more than 19 years old.

The only exception to this rule is if you plan to deliver by bike or by foot.

If you want to deliver by bike or foot, you must be at least 18 years old.

You must also have at least one year of driving experience.

So if you’ve just gotten your license today, you can’t start working for Uber Eatstomorrow.

You also need a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and up-to-date vehicle registration.

And you have to be able to carry at least 30 pounds.

Most food ordersare considerably lighter, but you need to be able to lift heavier items when needed.

For some drivers, the trickiest part is passing the Uber background check.

Uber Eatsuses an app called Checkrto conduct background checkson every driver.

You’re checked before you’re approved for the job and then again every yearthat you stay with the company.

They don’t care if you’ve had a parking ticket or two in your past.

What they’re looking for is evidence of serious violations, such as DUI charges, violent crimes, and sexual offenses.

They also look for theft charges, major traffic violation, and felonies.

If you have any of those on your record, you won’t pass the background check.

Vehicle Requirements for Uber Eats

In addition to meeting the driver requirements, you also have to meet a set of vehicle requirements.

Even if you plan to deliver via bike or scooter, there are some standards you’ll need to meet.

Vehicle Requirements Overview:

  • Vehicles can’t be older than 15 years
  • Your car can’t be dented, damaged, or missing parts
  • You can’t drive a rental vehicle, unless it’s rented directly through Uber
  • You must have an insurance policy in your name

If you’re driving a car, your vehicle must be from 1999 or later.

Since you’re not actually transporting passengers, the vehicle requirements to deliver with Uber Eats are less stringent than to drive with Uber itself.

That said, though, you still cannot drive a rental vehicle for Uber Eats.

That is, unless, you rent it directly through Uber.

The company provides a variety of vehicle optionsfor drivers who don’t own their own car.

Assuming that your car meets the requirements, you have to also have an insurance policyin your own name.

If you borrow a vehicle from a relative or friend, your name must be listed on the insurance policy.

If you’re unsure whether your vehicle meets the special requirements for your particular city or region or if you have any other questions, you can also speak with the Uber support teamdirectly.

For delivery partnersthat want to deliver by scooter, your scooterhas to meet a different set of requirements.

It must have two wheels and a 50cc motor or lower.

Plus, it must travel at speeds under 30 mph.

As with a vehicle, your scootermust be covered under a valid insurance policy.

Prefer to deliver by bicycle?

There are no cosmetic or insurance requirements for drivers who wish to deliver via an un-motorized two-wheel bike.

Apply To Drive With Uber Eats

Once you know that you meet the basic requirements, you can apply for the gig on

You’ll need to create an account and enter some basic info, including your name, address, phone number, and email.

You’ll also need to show your driver’s licenseand provide proof of vehicle registrationand insurance.

Submit your info and wait for your reply — it usually takes 24-48 hours, but sometimes it takes longer.

During that time, Uber conducts a background checkand processes your application.

When the process is complete, Uber will contact you via email.

If they accept you, they’ll send you a username and a password that you can use to log into the app.

With your username and password, you can download the app and start making deliveries as soon as you’re ready.

Already Drive With Uber? Switching to Uber Eats Is Easy

For current drivers that are in the Uber platform, making the transition to drive with Uber Eatsand earn some extra cashis easy.

The driver and vehicle requirementsare the same, so if you’re already qualified to drive with Uber, you can drive with Uber Eats.

As an existing driver with UberX, you qualify to opt-in to the Uber Partner app.

To start delivering with Uber Eats, just open the Uber appand scroll down until you see the window that says “get more requests by upgrading to delivery.”

Once you find that window, click “Yes! I want to do delivery!” and follow the instructions and prompts from there.

If for some reason you don’t see this window, contact supportfor assistance.

They’ll be able to guide you through the process so you’re up and running on both platforms at the same time.

Once you’re signed up to driver with the Uber Eats platform, you can receive delivery requestsand ride requests in the same app.

Anyone that works as a rideshare driverknows that it’s crucial to diversify your income with different tasks.

So if you’re a driver with Uber, becoming a partner with Uber Eatsis a natural extension of the job you’re already doing.

And if you’re not a rideshare driver, Uber Eatsis a viable alternative that can put some extra money in your pocket.

How to Deliver With Uber Eats

Now that you know the requirements to drive with Uber Eats, let’s take a look at how you can make your first delivery with the Uber Eats platform.

The whole process has just a few easy steps:

1. Sign Up with the Uber Eats Platform

To start, you’ll need to sign up as a delivery driver on the Uber Eats platform.

You’ll need to enter some basic information about yourself and the vehicle you intend to use.

You’ll then need to wait for Uber to approve your application, which can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

2. Download the Uber Driver App

Once Uber has approved you, you’ll need to download the Uber driver app for Androidor iOS.

Don’t be confused by the name — you use the same app to make deliveries and pick up passengers.

If you’re only making deliveries, you won’t see any of the passenger functionality.

After you download the app and log in to your account, you can start accepting delivery requests.

Uber Eats orders are super easy to complete, as you’ll see in the next section.

3. Make Your First Delivery

Now, the part you’ve been waiting for.

Once you have the Uber driver app set up, all you have to do is go online and wait for the delivery orders to roll in.

If you’ve never delivered food before, don’t worry.

The Uber Eats app walks you through the entire process.

You’ll first see the places you need to pick up orders, along with directions to the restaurant.

You should always follow the directions that the app gives you, as Uber Eats carefully calculates the most efficient route.

Following this route will ensure that you can get all your orders delivered on time (which will help you to boost your tips).

After you’ve picked up the food, the app will guide you to the customer’s address.

Again, be sure to follow the directions the app gives you.

Naturally, if there’s an obstruction in the road or something else that would make it unsafe to go the way the app tells you, you should use a different route.

But besides that, we don’t recommend deviating from the directions.

Once you’ve reached the destination, follow the delivery instructions that the customer has given you.

These will specify if you need to take the food to their door or if they’ll just meet you outside.

If the customer is in an apartment complex and you’re having trouble gaining access or finding their apartment, then you should contact them to get further instructions.

Customers will appreciate this extra step, as it helps them get their food faster.

When the food is in the customer’s hands, you’ve successfully completed the delivery.

You can now head to your next destination and repeat the above process until you’re done for the day.

4. Collect Your Pay

The only thing left now is to watch the money roll in.

Uber Eats pays weekly, making it easy to stay on top of your bills.

If you need money sooner, you can cash it out quicker using Instant Pay.

Uber Eats pays using a system that’s based on the orders you pick up and drop off.

You get a pick-up fee for getting the order from the restaurant and a drop off fee once you deliver it to the customer.

This system exists to protect you from not getting paid if a customer isn’t where they say they are or you’re otherwise unable to deliver the order.

In addition, customers have the option to leave you a tip after you complete an order.

They can tip as little or as much as they want, and Uber Eats never requires customers to tip.

In order to boost your chances of getting a tip, we recommend that you always provide the best customer service possible.

This includes things like staying in communication with the customer while you’re delivering their order, always arriving on time if you can, and letting the customer know if there’s traffic or something else that will delay you.

These are small touches, but they can make a big difference in the tips that you’ll ultimately earn.

Frequently Asked Questions About Driving With Uber Eats

To conclude this guide, here are answers to some common questions about driving for Uber Eats:

1. Does Lyft offer a food delivery service?

Currently, they do not.

If Lyftdoes decide to offer a food delivery service similar to Uber Eats, we’ll be sure to write about it here.

2. Can drivers with UberX deliver with Uber Eats?


In fact, all drivers on the Uber platform can transport passengers and make deliveries during the same shift.

Uber carefully schedules everything so that you never have to worry about a delivery conflicting with a passenger pick up.

If you’re already driving passengers around, then accepting food deliveries can be a good way to earn even more money.

3. Who are some of Uber Eats’ competitors?

Uber Eats is far from the only player in the food delivery space.

Caviar, DoorDash, and Grubhub are some other food delivery apps worth checking out.

4. Do I have to handle cash or make change as an a delivery driver with Uber Eats?

No, you do not.

Uber Eats is designed to be an entirely cashless experience.

All payments occur within the app using the credit card that the customer has on file.

The only time you’ll have to handle cash is if a customer offers you a cash tip (which we assume you’ll have no problem accepting).

Time to Drive With Uber Eats

Some people don’t want to drive passengers around in their car or have to deal with drunk people that need a ride home from the bar.

That’s understandable.
So if driving passengers isn’t for you, consider delivering food instead.

To decide if being a food delivery driveris the right move for you, check to make sure you meet the requirements.

You’ll need to be of a certain age, be able to pass a background check, and have car insurance, a driver’s license, and a vehicle registration.

Your vehicle also needs to meet certain standards.

If you qualify, sign up on the Uber website and give the company a few days to process your application.

When they accept you, they’ll send you a username and password for the app, and you can get started picking up and dropping off food right away.

Be sure to check out other food delivery apps, such as DoorDash, and GrubHub, as well.

(Lyftdoes not currently have a food delivery option.)

You could potentially start delivering with all of them and make great money on your own schedule.

As a delivery driver, you can work as much or as little as you want.

If you provide excellent service, you can earn decent tips.

And if you’re already a rideshare driver, delivering for Uber Eatsis the best way to supplement your income.

When no one needs a ride, you just might be able to find someone who’s hungry and needs you to bring lunch or dinner to their door.

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